The geometry of sound

Vibrations and space are two languages which bind the cosmic conversation, sanity of surrender ,insanity of witnessing and the flow of what is/ isn't.

The way space moves in moment and movement dances in vibrations is the sheer essence of dhrisyanaad which is all about celebrating the movement of sound (inside and out) and meditating through the stillness of vibrations (inside and out). Alphanumerics and geometry had always been interlocked together in various mystic, therapeutic and healing (read guiding) techniques. From the chakra symbols in yogic thought,whirling of dervishes on the beats of Daf to the chants synced with symbols /designs in different schools of shamanism /ancient schools of wisdom,every corner of the earth have had witnessed the practices where shapes/symbols/things had been synced in with chants/overtones/music/sound to get people into the deep states of either meditation,trance and later to the non-dualist union of both.

The movement of prayer wheel by tibetan buddhist monks while chanting, seven circles during hajj by muslims while reciting the holy text and the designing of temples in according to positioning of idols/deities/bells are few other practices to the few mentioned in the above paragraph and likewise have had been practiced by people to guide themselves in their respective seeking and manifesting.

The practices mentioned above and the use of sound(chant) and space(movement/shapes) in different schools of wisdom is witness to the experiences people have had experienced using the mentioned tools for healing,therapy and trance through out the path of human ancestry,human seeking and human journey.

Be love n Keep flowing

((DAF- Persian frame drum))

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